King City (2016 population 6,970) is the largest of the communities in King Township, located north of Toronto. Numerous stables and other farms have been established on the 147.938 km² of land area occupied by the township.

King City is characterized by rolling hills and clustered temperate forests in the Eastern Great Lakes lowland forests eco-region. Numerous kettle lakes and ponds dot the area. Creeks and streams from King City, the surrounding area, and as far west as Bolton and as far east as Stouffville are the origin for the East Humber River.



King City elementary school students attend King City Public School. King City Secondary School serves students from all King Township and has a student body of approximately 1,100.
Holy Name Catholic School offers education within the Catholic separate school system. There is no Catholic secondary school in King Township, so students generally attend Cardinal Carter Catholic High School in Aurora.

Additionally, the community is served by a number of private institutions including the King City Montessori School, which serves pre-school and kindergarten age groups and The

Country Day School which has kindergarten to Grade 12.

The Seneca College King Campus is located in King City; it is the only post-secondary education facility in King Township.



The King City Craft Beer & Food Truck Festival occurs every June in Memorial Park. Attendees can expect fine craft beer, awesome food trucks and nonstop music!

Beautiful works of art are on display throughout King Township during the Studio Tour King weekend each Spring. Stop by all locations during the weekend of the studio tour to see how artists work in their own environments. This is a great time to connect with artists on a personal level, find out what inspires them, and purchase artwork from a local source.

King City is also home to the biggest rosary in the world! The rosary winds across the acres of land near the Marylake Monastery and Villanova College. This site has also been designated as a site of pilgrimage for the Jubilee of Mercy.



The King City Community Centre and King City Arena host numerous activities, such as youth hockey league matches and yoga classes. They also host many community events throughout the year, and some public King Township meetings. King City Memorial Park, next to the arena, has two baseball fields, several soccer fields, two children’s playgrounds, and four tennis courts (two with lighting). An open, covered area is used for public events and picnics. Private recreation facilities in King City include King’s Riding Golf Club and King Valley Golf Club.

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